DESiGN Agency

User-centered design that enhances engagement and usability

User-centered design that enhances engagement and usability

With years of experience in the fundamentals of user experience, our team of UX designers at AFOM is able to cooperate on the finer points of usability and functionality in line with corporate objectives and end-user requirements.

Need Help with User Experience Design?

The entire design team adheres to industry best practices in order to strategically create cutting-edge UI/UX design patterns and captivating digital designs that accurately reflect your company’s goals.

With AFOM you will get

  • Experienced user experience design agency on your side 24 X 7
  • Customers will connect with your products and services in a more enticing and satisfying way.
  • Professional user experience (UX) design that strikes a balance between emotion and function

Our Services in Design

User Experience Strategy

Unlock the power of user-centric design with our UX strategy.​

Your fresh way of thinking about your digital product will be encouraged by our in-house UX Strategists. Our goal is to blend forward thinking with execution so that you can build positive momentum

Product Prototyping

Bring your ideas to life with our expert product prototyping.

We do product prototyping that aids in planning, developing a comprehension of customer or user experiences, and bridging the gap between the needs of the user and the solution developed

Design Sprints (Rapid-fire, Creative, Collaborative)

Accelerate your innovation with our design sprint expertise​

With Design Sprints, Team at AFOM makes sure to provide improved collaboration, faster time-to-market, user centered design, reduced risk, better creativity and innovation

Usability Testing & Validation

Ensure user design satisfaction and success with our usability testing solutions

With us, all user experience processes are centralized under one roof, offering everything from conceptualizing, analyzing, researching, prototyping, and designing through UX testing& validation.