E-Commerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart must be used to your advantage as successful e-commerce business models in tandem. Launching your online storefront on multiple channels increases your sales output exponentially. Looking at the last decade, the e-commerce and digital shopping industry have seen an explosion in India. Possibly higher than global growth rates.

For a piece of this large pie, you will need to leverage platforms and tools that make it easier to sell on Amazon, eBay and Flipkart. One way you can generate and monitor sales for your e-commerce business is through the measurement and statistical tools. Get ready to know all that is important for this sales channel.

Our Approach

This is where AFOM excels. Our dedicated team and experts, help review your product line and the niche markets. We help you decide which sales channels to leverage and start generating sales revenue. The quickest and more efficient channel may not be the first one.

Continued inventory management, setting up the online seller accounts on multiple channels, hosting, server management, promotional campaigns and sales analytics are but a few of the parameters we assess.

From building a stable and scalable inventory database to launching a market place solution that efficiently targets your specific audience requires a no frills approach. Co-ordination between the seller, buyer and the market place is another factor that needs to be considered in this age of easy returns.

Identifying the right marketplace for the right products helps any seller in the long run. Expanding your store to include more categories, more products and more sales opportunities will be as easy as a phone call or an e-mail. Ready to implement product templates, store plans, target demographics are a few examples of the action plans we have at AFOM. Waiting to be deployed.

Our expertise in setting up an online retailing business will help your storefront in graduating to the next level. Scaling up is an integral evolution in any online business. Let us help partner with you to launch and boost your 

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