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So many of us in some way prefer to buy products and services from our own local store or business. Despite the global reach of any online market place, the touch and feel factor of a purchase from a local store is yet to be replicated. This also applies to customer and seller personal relationships in business.

Before taking steps to build such relationships and gain a loyal following, your potential customers need to locate you. This can only happen with local search marketing services.

Consumers now use search engines to find local businesses for all their requirements. Weather they are the closest dry cleaners, the new restaurant that they heard was coming up or a well-reviewed auto mechanic. The only way to convert these searchers into customers is to make sure they can find you online.

Local Business Listings and Directories

In any search result you’ll notice the top results include local listings. And they are not just in the search results, a map also appears somewhere on the page that shows other listings for comparison as well. These businesses appear on your search only because their websites are places in the local directories. Your business can start by claiming your business profile on sites like Google My Business, and enter key information like your location, hours, photos, and more.

The easiest way to get listed is to leverage search engines like Google and Bing, as well as review sites like justdial and revaalo. However, not everyone uses search engines to find nearby businesses. Some use location-specific directories. Submit your site to those directories as well, and don’t forget about sites for newspapers, magazines, and other local media.


Websites that employ local SEO services usually rank higher in local searches. Local search accounts for a large portion of mobile searches. Including your town or region prominently on your website, page titles and descriptive metadata will be the places to start for your local SEO strategy.

Keyword research and analysis to figure out how people are searching for businesses in your area helps your business to be visible. These keywords likely receive much higher search volume than your own town’s name, and as long as your business is close by, customers won’t mind that you’re technically outside of city limits.


Local marketing is a great way to attract new customers, but it’s also a way of making your business a part of the local community. This can result in natural links from other local businesses, which is great for your overall SEO strategy.

This can help you build connections, and become a part of the local business community, and possibly result in links from other sites who also actively publish content.


Although SEO is arguably the best way to be found online, paid ads are also a great option. Pay-per-click ads, in particular, are not only effective in local search marketing but can also be cost-effective when done right. Your ads will only appear when searchers use the keywords you specify, increasing the quality of leads. What’s more, you only pay for the clicks generated, so your costs are directly linked to the performance of the ad.

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