Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing?

Unsecured Websites and networks are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and such sites and systems are more likely to get hacked into with each passing day. Hackers conduct these attacks on global proportions, and this data is then sold in black markets. According to Verizon study of security breaches, every second almost nine records are hacked into. Would you be able to make sure that your framework has not been undermined?
Penetration Testing is a technique or a method which is referred to exploiting any weakness in a system or a network to evaluate the cyber risk to an IT infrastructure of an organization. This enables the organization to have a look at the loopholes in infrastructure and improve its security and firewalls. Thorough checking procedure and philosophy at AFOM is one of the essential security arrangements we give to shield your system from the different attacks completely.
The main goal of this exercise is to test and discover any vulnerabilities in your system and framework through the following ways:

– Web Service Penetration Testing

– Web Application Penetration testing

Our technology and tools are way better and outweigh those who use the same to get into your systems. We believe in ethical hacking and high standards. Framework shapes a centrepiece of our full moral hacking service. Intended to guard you and your data, and an online crime under control.

Through our Penetration Testing, we make sure that hackers and cybercriminals don’t get to infiltrate your systems. Therefore we conduct thorough and holistic testing. 

  • How much information can an intruder access
  • How far down the hacker can get inside your systems

Any identification of future digital dangers to both your inward and outside the system is the initial phase in revealing that individual weakness. The second important thing that needs to be focused is to exploit it and make it more secure.

Web Service and Web Application Penetration Testing

Assessing the danger to your web service includes proficient, computerized information examination instruments to reveal potential shortcomings. Evaluation of web applications requires an increasingly robust methodology, including:

  • Design examination of the server/framework facilitating the web application
  • Dealing with all association controls between a client and the web application, from client verification to log out
  • Authorization testing that happens after a successful verification
  • Information Input Validation in charge of practically the majority of the vulnerabilities in web applications.

Your Penetration Test Report and Risk Rating

When our Penetration Team have finished a thorough arrangement of scientific sweeps and manual testing, we will provide you with a full, in-depth report, together with our suggestion for remediation.

Every single vulnerable area will be depicted, involving how we effectively exploited the uncovered threat regions, which are given an individual risk rating, as demonstrated as follows:

Vulnerability Risk Levels

An extremely high risk to an organization’s information, which ought to be fixed as a top-need. Territories marked dangerous would enable a cyber-criminal to compromise or cause different adverse effects to the security of the application.

Ought to be viewed as a top need for moderation. The most severe issues are conceivably causing a quick security worry to the organization.

A lower-level problem, which should be resolved. The territories distinguished will permit moderate breaks yet with less effect upon the environment.

Negligible hazard that still exhibits a significant impact on the environment. Such problems should only be attended to after High and Medium level problems are solved.

Negative effect upon the situation by themselves. Access can give an assailant data to misuse other weak points.
Best Practice System Retesting

Direction and help offered all through is comprehensive inside the testing procedure and estimating. Remediation fixes are a supplement.

Penetration Re-testing
The total retest method of AFOM double-checks to guarantee all security gaps have been bridged, and no different defects have sneaked in.

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