Enterprise Network Security

Our goal is to provide maximum network security and performance across all devices. While making sure that the defences and other kinds of network security tools are keeping your business from external or internal threats. 

You can get greater visibility of your systems and gadget device activities through the use of AFOM’S Enterprise Network Security service. This action is necessary for progressing dangers utilizing propelled risk aversion, granular application, and web separation. Remote administration guarantees further control and reconfiguration can be performed remotely and inside a responsive period.



Control           –Customize and apply granular and insightful strategies utilizing explicit application/gadget rules for most extreme control.
Visibility         –Expanded visualization of system traffic and movement from associated devices utilizing Deep and Real-Time Packet Inspection.
Cost                 –Simple membership, including all equipment, permits, execution and progressing support.
Threat monitoring    –Active checking and heuristics to distinguish and react to dangers according to their nature and intensity.
Segmentation-Control of visitor system access and separation from corporate and vital resources.
Hardware        –The enterprise-level framework included in the membership costs.
deployment   –Independent or rack-mountable arrangements according to your requirements.
security           –Enhanced security specifications for expanded protection and visibility of dangers. Security incorporates dynamic sifting of improper or malicious web and application utilization, network-based antivirus and malware sandboxing.
Performance –Provision of dependable network connectivity and most magnificent execution with negligible downtimes to all devices.
Intrusion  detection       –

Dynamic detection system and obstruction of known and unidentified (suspicious) network-based dangers

For more information regarding the security services, you can get in touch with our Network and Firewall Security specialists. AFOM offers its wide range of services to large organizations as well as medium organizations. We believe in customer service, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. If your organization requires a more fundamental level of security, you can learn more about our Computer/Devices Protection and Endpoint Security services.

Our competent experts also offer network assessments like Phishing testing and Penetration testing alongside Managed Network and Firewall Security. Feel free to contact us.

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