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Managed Network Security

A one-stop, full fledge service providing industry-driving end-to-end security for all of your end-user tools.
AFOM offers a wide array of Managed Network Security services to block, discover and retaliate to cyber-attacks a business may face. You can entirely rely on our strengths to get the job done for you.
We have combined our Managed Network Security with traditional endpoint security so that we can build a robust defence mechanism even against the advance level threats.
We have security consultants that work day and night to make sure your organization doesn’t fall victim to the attacks. And who can provide insight into loopholes that your business may have, and help in preventing and building a strong shield?
This service has proved to be beneficial for many different organizations into developing a mature capability for endpoint security.


Anti-exploit         –

  • Signature-less anti-malicious set of rules based protection on intercepting zero-day, unidentified, attacks that are memory resident and potential threats before running without needing resource file scanning.
Ransomware       –
  • Distinguishing and procedure hindering of unapproved mass or directed encryption of documents, with the capacity to move encrypted documents back to their pre-attack state without any inconvenience.
Deployment        –
  • Remote management software installed on Windows 7 and later versions to remotely access and manage and secure the systems.
Hygienic               –
  • Completely removing any malware and any unwanted software from the infected device to restore the performance and efficiency levels.
Root cause analysis   –
  • In-depth study of the task, source and the kind of threat to help improve security and precautionary measures
Cost                        –
  • Minimal/meagre membership cost per device


The security that is effective and equally efficient is significant and necessary for the business environment to grow and develop and to sustain itself. You can have a look in detail about the more fundamental level of Managed Network Security that encrypts and protects your end-user devices.

To secure you and defend your firewalls and a service that provides your enterprise with the maximum network performance. You can get our Enterprise Network Security. Our service enables you to monitor the overall health and safety features and firewalls of your enterprise all in one place at your comfort.

You can also get in touch with our security consultant to inform more about your needs and requirements so that we can tailor the best program for you.

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