Security Awareness

Addressing Business Risk

Where procedures, SOPs, and different technological tools help in minimizing business risks, these get the work done only to some extent. The most effective defence mechanism against business risks is your people. More than 90% of cybersecurity consultants have emphasized that people and technology should work alongside each other to shield the businesses against phishing and different types of cyber-attacks.

At AFOM, we have a vision that the Information Security Awareness Training program is something. That can provide the individuals and businesses with the right skill set to protect themselves against the cyber-attacks and reduce the company risks.

Information Security Awareness Training

Our customer-focused and customized information security-awareness training program empowers your employees to fight back against such attacks and make them ineffective.

Show your interest, so we can equip you with the right tools and techniques and tell you more about our training program. Fill in this form, and you’ll be at the path to safety and success.

Assessing Information Security Awareness

If you want to assess the level of information security awareness within your firm or company, you can simulate an attack. And evaluate how your employees and the management responded to eliminate that threat.

We will do this for you, so you don’t have to take any headache for your security. We will initiate a simulated phishing attack on your key personnel and assets and measure how well did they perform in the given situation. Are they prepared to handle real-life business threats or not? We want to make sure your security is up to date, and your key individuals are well equipped.

Ongoing Awareness Programs 

We’re of the firm belief that the Information Security Training plays a crucial role in your business. And the training programs are an essential part of keeping your staff up to date and well aware of the latest kinds of cyber-attacks a company can face.

Ongoing awareness programs that are either online or classroom-based have proved to be way more effective than one-off training. One-off training doesn’t have a lasting impact and individuals don’t tend to remember them for a more extended period. On the other hand, ongoing awareness programs can address the new joiners, any changes in policy and legislation of the company.




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