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AFOM is a well-established name and has proved to be one of the top Help Desk services. AFOM has been providing Help Desk services to SMEs for an extended time. It is one of the reasons that many different organizations now trust and rely on AFOM for its high-quality services.

We have a highly capable team of certified and trained individuals who will look after all your technology needs. This team is competent in cloud technologies and other tools to help our clients in this dynamic environment. This team follows up with the clients regularly ensuring smooth flow and glitch-free services and technical support.

The clients of AFOM usually evacuate the whole weight of specialized support, enabling their employees to focus without any disturbance.

Our Help Desk has 4 ticket types

Service Request Ticket
An appeal from a client for data or guidance. Or a standard change or access to an IT service. Service desk generally handles the service requests, and don’t require an application for a replacement to be submitted. Example: Resolving email or printing issues, providing any general IT related services or resetting a password for a client.

Incident Ticket
A spontaneous interference to an IT administrator. Or a decrease like an IT service. Configuration failure of something that has not yet affected service is likewise an incident.
Example: Failure of networking, failure of internet router or omission of any disk in your laptop or pc could be an example of Incident Ticket.

Problem Ticket
One doesn’t know the idea at the time a problem ticket is made, and further examination is required.

Example: A power blackout brings about the interruption of services to many concerned individuals in the organization.

Change Request Ticket
Change Request Ticket is such a ticket that explains a change that could solve single or multiple problems. This kind of card may require you to get authorization from other top members in your business or company.

Example: Resolving several performance issues and problem by bringing in a new server. Those issues might be logged as issues, while the substitution is registered as a change request connected to those issues/occurrences.

Key Benefits

  • Small Teams

As a Help work area customer, you will approach a little committed help group who will become acquainted with you and comprehend your business.

  • Closed – Loop Communication

AFOM believes communication is the most critical factor in any business and organization. Effective communication between buyer and seller is the key to success for both the parties. With excellent communication, you can deliver added value. Our help desk keeps you updated with the latest information and the status of your ticket until it resolves.

  • Monthly Reporting

Our Monthly reporting includes information like the number of tickets resolved, the level of targets achieved, the nature of the cards that were issued and other details, etc.

  • Quick Response and Immediate Access to Ticket Information

Many customers are fed up with the wait when they reach out to customer service help desks. But, at AFOM , we respond immediately, and we give our planned respond with details to the resolution of the problem within 30 minutes. Because we believe the time is a valuable thing, and customers should not have to wait at all.

  • Onsite Support When You Need it

When it is impossible to fix a problem remotely, then our dedicated team will visit the site physically and resolve your issue. You’ll get the best response time, and you’ll need to select the package that includes this service.

  • Fixed Fee, PrePay or Recurring

Choose from different packages to pay; fixed fee allows you to consume in a monthly contract. Or you can also PrePay by availing support concerning time or only pay for a set of usual tasks continuously. It all depends on your needs and preferences; you can even combine the two pricing structures and customize according to what suits you the best.

  • Hassle-Free and Simple Onboarding Process

Today’s business environment is very dynamic and far from being static. Every new day brings a breakthrough innovation with itself. You don’t have to worry at all,  AFOM will do everything to get you all geared up. We will assign you an account manager for on-boarding who will guide you through the change process. He/She will coordinate with your IT department to set up or import/export any services like remote backups, domain names, emails, etc.

  • ITIL Best Practices

AFOM help desk provides you with the best services and guidance. Moreover, AFOM follows ITIL best practices, and the help desk offers a hosted incident system.

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