Office 365

Office 365

Office 365, as part of the Microsoft Product line, is a line of subscription services provided by Microsoft. The brand includes plans to use the Microsoft Office software suite for the duration of the subscription, as well as cloud-based software, such as hosted Exchange Servers, Skype for Business Server and SharePoint, as service products for business environments. In contrast to current licenses in those programs–where new versions need to purchase a new licence–all Office 365 plans include automatic updates to their software without additional cost. As a subscription-based service, Office 365 incorporates a robust series of Microsoft applications directly from the cloud that is immediately accessible to the end-user. 

Following the beta test starts in October 2010, Microsoft launched the Office 365, which was initially designed for corporate users on 28 June 2011, as a successor to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Microsoft Office 365 has been extended to include new business plans for various types with new ideas for general consumer use including benefits for the Microsoft consumer services like OneDrive, which has become an essential feature of 2013. With Microsoft Office Office 2013 Microsoft Office has expanded to include new plans for different businesses. Conventional Microsoft Office software license sales overtook Office365’s revenue for the first time in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2017.

Business and business users can safely connect anywhere to a range of Office applications, e-mails, online calendar and contacts (including Lyncs and Online Conferences), Microsoft SharePoint and Skype for Business.
Used worldwide by millions of companies, Office 365 enables you to make beautiful documents, tablets and presentations. His cloud-based approach facilitates the cooperation on projects with your team and allows you to access your files from any device.

Moreover, most Microsoft Office 365 plans provide you with access to all traditional desktop applications, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which are associated with Microsoft office.

With Office 365, you get the very best in the world: online, real-time document collaboration, spreadsheets, presentations as well as access to standard Microsoft desktop applications in the industry.


Several products and services are included in the Office 365 service. All the components of Office 365 could be managed and configured using an online portal; users might be adding, imported from a CSV file, or Office 365 could be set by Active Directory Federation Services for a single sign-in to a local Active Directory.

The Outlook on the web brand includes email services, task management, calendar application and contact managers with business and company subscriptions Office 365. It includes Outlook Mail, the Outlook Calendar, people from Outlook, and tasks from Outlook.

With Office 365, Microsoft introduced Clutter. Clutter recalls the preferences of users regarding the relevance and relevance of emails. If you keep ignoring emails about a given subject, Clutter moves those emails to a folder with the same name in Outlook; it analyzes user behaviour pattern about email topics. By logging in to Office 365 portal, users can enable and disable this feature.

Hosted Services
Office 365 business and business plans offer access on software as a service-based cloud version of Office server platforms, including Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Office Web Apps Suite browser-based. Each user receives 1 TB of online storage through SharePoint’s OneDrive for enterprise (previously referred to as SharePoint MySites and SkyDrive Pro, separate from the OneDrive Consumer-oriented service). Some plans also include unlimited user storage of the personal cloud.

Instead of Microsoft’s corporate software, Office 365 home plans include premium improvements for consumer online Microsoft services, including one terabyte of one drive storage per user, and a monthly 60-minute call on Microsoft’s Skype VoIP Service

Getting Set-up on Office 365

If you need assistance in installing or migrating Office 365, we can help.

We worked with companies big and small to help them get Office 365 to work quickly and painlessly. We take every effort to move your emails and calendars to Office 365 and will be able to train your team how you can take advantage of your new productivity instruments. There are also available ongoing support packages.

Our migration specialists certify Microsoft Gold Partner. Although in London, United Kingdom, we can provide organizations in most countries with the Office 365 setup and migration services. Just take a line to get started today.

Office 365 Consultancy Services

We provide strategic guidance and expert advice to companies that want to achieve the commercial and financial advantages of introducing Office 365 at work.

Integration Services

The transition to Office 365 will be seamless. We can integrate Office 365 with your existing IT infrastructure and provide your staff and internal IT services with continuous support.


Office 365 uses a roll-out model; online service component updates are provided once a quarter. The 2010 server component versions with Office 365 were used when they were launched. In the introduction to Office 2013, the Head of Office Kurt DelBene stated that minor and incremental updated Office desktop software would also be made available to all Office 365 users on a similar period through the streaming system as opposed to three-year cycles. These services were automatically upgraded to their Office 2013 counterparts after its release in February 2013.

Collaboration Tools

Office 365 includes various applications for productivity which are designed for the organizational, departmental and team level collaboration. The list of tools currently includes One-Drive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Skype, Outlook and Delve boards for the partnership. There are several ways of defining the function of Ofice 365 collaboration tools in an organization. The wide range of machines gives rise to continuous debates about the purpose of each device and its optimal applicability for the real life of the business. Specific communication needs, team size, project specifics are vital aspects influencing the choice of a particular tool.


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