G Suite is Google’s smart app suite. This was previously known as Google Apps until rebranded by the end of 2016. For customers who need email hosting for their business, we primarily recommend G Suite. G Suite is much more than email, however. There are also a variety of apps and features that can be very useful. You probably use or know some of them already.

GSuite (previously the Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for your domain) is a brand of Google’s “Google Apps for Your Domain” Cloud computing, productivity and cooperation tools as well as software and products, which was first launched on August 28, 2006 as “Google Apps for Your Domaine.” 

G-Suite adds business features such as custom domain e-mail addresses (, options for unlimited cloud storage (depending on the plan, the number of members), additional administrative tools and advanced settings and 24/7 support for telephone and email. Google-based data and information data centres are instantly stored. In contrast to free, consumer-facing services, the users of G Suite do not watch publicity while they are using their services, while G Suite accounts do not use information and data for advertising.

GSuite includes Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar; Stockage drive; Collaborative docs, sheets, slides, forms, and sites; and a User Management Admin panel and Vault.  The Basic Plan includes e-mail addresses with custom domains, video and voice calls, calendars, 30 GB storage, collaborative documents, tablets, presentations and websites, security and privacy controls, and 24/7 support for telephone and e-mail. The business plan adds Vault for eDiscovery and allows for several additional customized features, including advanced Drive Admin Control and unlimited storage (or 1Tb per user if less than five users). 

Why G-suite?

The G Suite is one of the leading suites for productivity apps. It allows you to create documents, tablets and presentations using millions of companies around the world; you also obtain emails and file storage. Its cloud approach makes it easy to collaborate with your team on projects and access your files from any device. 


The G Suite is furnished with three different designs (in which we will dive later). For our employees here on Kinsta, we use the Basic G Suite plan. It begins at only $5/user / month. The basic idea is probably for many of you everything you’ll ever need. Here’s what it includes: G Suite has three plans (we will plunge into some later) that you can use. For our staff here in Kinsta, we use the Basic G Suite plan. It begins at only $5 per user per month. The basic idea is likely to be all you will need for many of you. This is what it contains:

Litmus says that Gmail leads the way as the world’s most popular email customer, with an incredible 26% of the open rates market share. Since 2004, Gmail now has over 1.2 billion users; it is no surprise. One of G Suite’s best things is that you are getting an enhanced online email client ad-free version that you’re probably already using. Gmail was launched in a limited beta release on April 2004 and is an Internet-based email service. In February 2016, it became popular with over one billion active consumer users worldwide for giving users a massive amount of storage space, for conversation and robust search capabilities.

G Suite mainly allows your own Gmail employees with your business domain name and email addresses. One or two tiny businesses with free Gmail and some alias+forwarding rules could get away with. However, once you start hiring two or three employees, you will have to have separately managed accounts.

Google Calendar
Without Google Calendar, none of us here could live. Many of us rely on it to schedule calls to our customers and to set due dates and records of critical projects. You can help maintain your calendar by Google Calendar.

The ability to create multiple calendars accessible to all in your company (or a subset of users) is one of the great things about the use of Google Calendar in G Suite. For example, for team holidays and regular meetings, you might want a Group calendar. With all your employees in the same company, tasks such as these are even more comfortable than the free version. 

Google Drive
If you haven’t previously used Google Drive, the excellent search feature is one of the best things we like about it! It’s not surprising, however, because they also run the world’s largest search engine. Were you aware that, regardless of the file name, you could search based on contents in a document? Quite useful. This means that, whenever you’re disorganized, you can easily find what you want. 

You can store your free personal drive and Gmail twice a day, receive 24/7 support, share controls and advanced reporting in the paid Google version.

Google Docs or Sheets
Google Docs and Google Sheets speak for themselves pretty much, and they are again tools that we use every day. You can create and edit text documents and tablets in your browser. Import your documents to make them easy to edit (.docx,.doc,.rtf,.rtf,.txt, xlsx,.csv,.html,.ods) including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files. As of February 2018, without automatically converting to Google format, you can even collaborate and comment on Microsoft Office files.

It is also possible to export in standard formats from third parties. This makes it easy to work with others and send files without the need to install them or purify them.

G Suite Marketplace

The G Suite Marketplace is an online shop with business-focused cloud applications which increase G Suite functionality and was launched in 2010 by Google Apps Marketplace. The marketplace allows administrators to navigate for integrated cloud applications, purchase and deployment. It consists of the categories of business instruments, productivity, education, communication and services. In September 2014, Google published a blog post stating that third-party applications could be installed without the involvement of administrators.

We can help you if you need help with migrating or installing G suite. We have worked quickly and painlessly with both small companies and big organizations to establish them at G Suite. We’re going to take every effort to get your email and schedules to G Suite and provide your team with training on how to take advantage of your new productivity instruments. There are also ongoing support packages.

Our migration teams are located in the UK, but G Suite migration is available in most of the countries or organizations.



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